About Ajour

Ajour supplies POS systems to the Scandinavian market with offices in Copenhagen, Randers and Oslo.

We specialize in hospitality, retail, specialty and tourism businesses, with a focus on delivering a POS system that solves POS related tasks efficiently and optimally.


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+3500 installations

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founded in 1994

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3 offices

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Mission and vision


Our system should be safe to use, forward-looking to new technology and easy and intuitive to use. A clear mission is to maintain a good balance between simplicity towards the employee but advanced opportunities when needed as well as to management and business groups.


At Ajour, we are not salespeople, but advisers, whose goal is to create significant value for our clients and our clients’ customers through technology and our knowledge to and about the industries that we work with.

We have a clear approach that we do not “just” sell POS systems and solutions around.


We will enter into a dialogue with each company on how we with and via Ajour can optimize workflows by not only creating a better technological everyday life, but also creating a more efficient and optimal everyday life in general.


With thousands of retail and hospitality industry openings, we have a pretty solid knowledge for optimal operations –

A knowledge that we believe will benefit our customers.


To create consistency and efficiency in tomorrow’s retail and hospitality systems.


We want to be an important player, which is among the most profitable companies in the industry and create essential values that promote growth and innovation.


On the employee front, we aim to have the best employees with the highest level of competence and knowledge in the industry.


Only through the efforts and competences of our employees can we continuously improve and keep ourselves on top of the best in the industry.

2004 >

Ajour has always been moving forward.


Since opening our doors for the first time many years back, we have been working every day to develop our product to become a notch better than it was the day before.


With a vision of being a leading POS supplier in the Scandinavian market, we cannot stand still!


At Ajour we have a goal to be the best!

We will be the best at delivering a POS system that is stable and flexible with integrations to the best platforms on the market.

This is precisely why our mission is directly aimed at improving the experience of management, employees and customers via POS in the hospitality, retail, specialty and tourism industries.

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Contribute to the environment with Ajour

At Ajour, we feel it is our duty to make our contribution to the environment.

This means, among other things, that we have incorporated methods and modules to run a more environmentally efficient business in to our software.


With Ajour’s calculation and statistics tools, Ajour will be able to advise on storage and waste optimization, so that procurement and production run as optimally as possible.

Based on historical sales data, Ajour will make suggestions for optimal re-ordering or production volume, thus avoiding unnecessary waste and stock filling.


Giving one’s best for the environment is of course a cause in itself, but being able to do it while optimizing one’s business is a gift.



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We are proud to offer free day-to-day support, which can range from support for daily POS routines to guidance on how to make a blue button.

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When it is evening, weekend or public holiday, challenges can arise. With Ajour's hotline service consisting of a emergency phone, help can always be found if needed.

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If you want to make sure you never get into a situation where you are without functioning equipment, then Ajour's service agreement is right for you. Service agreements vary and are agreed as needed.

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Ajour uses only the best suppliers on equipment, where the standard warranty period varies from 1 year to 3 years. The warranty period can always be extended to e.g. 5 years if you wish.

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If you need us, just contact us by phone, e-mail or chat. Through telephone and chat, you get in contact with some Ajour people right away, where we have a goal to return the following weekday on all e-mails.

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The most important thing about a new POS is that you get well offshore. That is why a custom setup is always included for the customer with general user training and other necessary support.

Could you see yourself working at Ajour?

Feel free to send us an unsolicited application with some info on why you consider yourself a good match for Ajour as well as your resume by email to hello@ajour.dk