With Ajour’s solution for retail, you achieve increased efficiency and automatic process management. This includes features such as; inventory management, purchasing management, time registration and webshop integration as well as reports such as turnover rates, sales per. supplier and more.


Clothing store, flower shop, delicacy shop, newsstands and more.

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Print your barcode labels, price tags or shelf labels directly from the system while putting items in stock.

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List your products, of which are selling the best and the worst, to get a quick overview.

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The system alerts you before it's too late. Avoid empty shelves!

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The report gives you a quick overview of which suppliers sells best in your store.

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Exchange voucher

Print the exchange voucher as soon as you handle the payment. Easy for you, and good service for your customer.

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Sell ​​B2B with differentiated prices or discounts. Invoice is issued directly from the system, either straight away or later.

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Keep track of your inventory value, shrinkage etc. with features like storage location or department management (multiple stores or front / back stock).

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campaign management

Set up timed campaigns, easily and simply. When the date occurs, prices will automatically be adjusted as entered.

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Client history

Sales will become easier for you as Ajour remembers the customer's favorites and sizes for you.

Optimize your business with Ajour



Let the system help you with your purchases. By entering the minimum stock and preferred quantity, the system will automatically suggest purchases to avoid empty shelves. In addition, a historical purchase can be made e.g. 'What did we sell for Christmas last year' and the system will automatically generate purchase per supplier with their item no.


Variant management

Intelligent item management in Ajour, creates your different variants with associated colors, sizes, weight or similar. with up to 6 variant types.


Members club

Get more loyal customers with your own membership club and bonus program. Whether a fixed discount is offered on all products, selected products or even a bonus per buy we have the solution. Membership Club is part of Ajour and does not require the purchase of alternative programs. The solution also works across several locations.


One all-in-one

Compact and practical – an intelligent and compact cash register system. With Quad core processor and 4GB DDDR3 memory it is designed to run professional software.

Engage all-in-one

Fast and versatile - the perfect mix between stability and performance. With a 7th generation Intel Core processor, it is designed to run professional software.


Transform Apple's iPad into a full POS system with Ajour's point of sale application and related hardware.

Keep track of your data

With Ajour, you get the ability to collect real-time data that you can access anywhere. It gives you the benefit of being able to keep up with the progress of your business at all times without being physically present. Then you do not lose sight and can react quickly, even if you are at home with your family or a meeting abroad.

Keep track of your inventory in real-time so you know what to order and when.

  • Variant management
  • Multi items
  • Multiple storage departments
  • Minimum inventory on basic items
  • Status via iPad
  • And much more ..

Optimize waste and stock filling

With Ajour’s calculation and statistics tools, Ajour will be able to advise on storage and waste optimization, so that procurement and production run as optimally as possible.

Based on historical sales data, Ajour will make suggestions for optimal re-ordering or production volume, thus avoiding unnecessary waste and stock filling.

Giving one’s best for the environment is of course a cause in itself, but being able to do it while optimizing one’s business is a gift.

Multi location

With Ajour’s multi location solution you get a unified solution where you can manage all your business through a single portal.


It does administrative tasks like; product creation, gift cards, menu changes, price adjustments, discounts and much more can be handled intelligently and centrally in an overall solution for your locations.

Selected integrations


Together with Plecto, we have made it possible to track your sales in real-time with great visual dashboards that show the most important KPIs for your business.


Together with E-conomic, we have automated processes between POS and financial system, so you can sit back while your bookkeeping runs by itself.


Together with Planday, we have made it possible to follow your salary percentage per month or per day so that critical decisions like staffing can easily be made.

Do you want to build your own solution?


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Free support

We are proud to offer free day-to-day support, which can range from support for daily POS routines to guidance on how to make a blue button.

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When it is evening, weekend or public holiday, challenges can arise. With Ajour's hotline service consisting of a emergency phone, help can always be found if needed.

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Service agreements

If you want to make sure you never get into a situation where you are without functioning equipment, then Ajour's service agreement is right for you. Service agreements vary and are agreed as needed.

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Ajour uses only the best suppliers on equipment, where the standard warranty period varies from 1 year to 3 years. The warranty period can always be extended to e.g. 5 years if you wish.

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Phone, e-mail and chat

If you need us, just contact us by phone, e-mail or chat. Through telephone and chat, you get in contact with some Ajour people right away, where we have a goal to return the following weekday on all e-mails.

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get started

The most important thing about a new POS is that you get well offshore. That is why a custom setup is always included for the customer with general user training and other necessary support.

Some of our clients

The worlds best POS system

Peter - Owner, Skjold Burne Randers

Skjold Burne Randers

The world's best cash register system - simply. Cash register, price and inventory control, creditor control, direct accounting, yes everything you need - whether in the store, at home or at the auditor. Flexible and can be adapted to our wishes. Reliable, user-friendly and easy to work with. Great support - when you need it. Try it - it works.

We only have words of praise for Ajour

Lena - Manager, Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington

We only have words of praise for Ajour. They are there when it burns and always with a smile in their voice .. Don't miss this company!

We can only give the warmest recommendations if plan to upgrade your pos!

Kim Jepsen - Owner, Slik for voksne

Slik for voksne

We started using Ajour's POS solution with 2 iPads in early 2015. There was a great need to update all of our computer systems, in connection with a relocation of the store. The store had started to focus a lot on retail, and the POS had to be very quick to use, as well as very flexible in its structure, as customers often had very individual needs. The choice fell on Ajour as they lived up to all the demands of a modern retail store. User-friendly setup - mobility - individual POS setup - invoicing module and flexible item numbers are just some of the requirements the store had for the system. After the set-up, which took just one evening, the store was ready to use the new cash register system. The POS was quickly learned, and when the basic functions were mastered, the store was able to roll over extended functions. The skilled programmers at Ajour had to customize the POS so that it could handle many different payment methods such as mobile payments, invoices, cash and a mix of ​​debit cards. Before using Ajour, the store had a bookkeeper employed. Now all the accounting and bookeping takes place in 5 minutes, so resources are freed up for other things, like selling!

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