One All-in-one

With Quad core processor and 4GB DDDR3 memory it is designed to run professional software.

One all-in-one standard solution

An Ajour One all-in-one standard solution includes an all-in-one touch machine with receipt printer and a cashdrawer. In addition to this, the solution can be composed of several hardware components such as; barcode scanners, payment terminals, kitchen screens, handheld devices, etc.

Ajour One all-in-one

31,5 x 38 x 17,9 cm


33 x 33 x 10 / 41 x 41 x 10 cm

Receipt printer

14 x 20 x 14,5 cm

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Benefits of Ajour One solution​

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Space saving

If you need an intelligent POS system and at the same time want a compact hardware solution, Ajour One is perfect for you.

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Cool design

Ajour One is based on the well-known design from the iMac and gives a clean and stylish look with lots of power.

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The screen works completely with the same touch feel that we know from our own smartphones.

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One is simple to set up! As soon as the receipt printer, cashdrawer and electricity are connected, you have a fully functional POS system.

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