Payment solutions

We help you find the optimal terminal solution that is best and cheapest for your company. Solutions should be transparent and make everyday life easier.

  • Reduction of transaction costs
  • Flexibility in payment solutions
  • Improvement of payment security

Why not eliminate unnecessary costs on payment agreements?

There have never been as many payments with credit cards as now and cash payments have become a peculiar sight.

This means an increased cost for the individual company in the form of payment fees.


Payment agreement contracts are complicated, and for good reason. Suppliers often make them wordy and fill them with unclear terms, so that in the end you are not aware of how much you are actually being charged.


Why companies should not have the possibility of transparency in their total cost associated with payment agreements and why two stores that are identical in all parameters should have a fair agreement and an unfair agreement are some of the questions that Ajour PAY wants to settle .

With many years of industry experience, Ajour has put together the optimal payment agreement solution, which focuses on three key elements: transparency, liquidity optimization and predictability.

37% average savings

Get the right deal for your business

In order to receive payment cards other than Dankort at a payment terminal or online payment gateway (Visa, Mastercard, Diners etc.), it is necessary to have a payment agreement.


After working with hospitality and retail businesses for many years, we have come up with what we believe are the 3 most important parameters:


Costs associated

AjourPAY has just one low variable cost, namely a fixed percentage of the card turnover.


Number of days before the money is in the bank account

AjourPAY knows how important liquidity is, so we provide one single payment the day after the money has been transferred.


Card mix you want to be able to receive

AjourPAY allows you to receive all types of payment cards you want, regardless of whether this is debit, credit, company card, domestic or foreign.

Save money on your payment agreement

We see no reason why you should not have the terminal solution that is best and cheapest for your specific needs. We believe that card terminal solutions should be transparent and simple.

After providing POS and payment solutions for more than 10 years, we have had to admit that the payment market is so complicated that even the most stubborn business operators can get lost.

With our understanding, insight and knowledge, we have created the framework for a number of solutions that not only save money, but also ensure absolute transparency.

    Did you know that:

    + 0 %

    Of shops and restaurants would be better off if they could be advised about payment solutions before they bought a solution.

    + 0 %

    Of shops and restaurants are unsure of what they pay for their payment solutions and whether they have the best possible deal.

    Online payment gateway

    AjourPAY can not only be used in connection with payment terminals, but can also be used as a payment gateway for webshops. With Ajour’s collaboration with Reepay, we have made online payments even easier and safer.

    We offer a flexible and secure payment gateway for both small and large businesses.

    Payment solution from AjourPAY can receive online payments via the most popular payment methods such as Dankort, Visa Dankort, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, MobilePay, ViaBill, Forbrugsforeningen etc.

    We integrate with most e-commerce platforms so you can sell your items on your online store right away.

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