Multi location

With Ajour’s multi location solution you get a unified solution where you can manage all your business through a single portal.


It does administrative tasks like; product creation, gift cards, menu changes, price adjustments, discounts and much more can be handled intelligently and centrally in an overall solution for your locations.

Manage your business from one place

Multi location gives you the opportunity to manage the company’s activities and setup of the POS solutions from a single central office, without any restrictions on the number of locations connected to the main central office.

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Electronic giftcards

Give your customers the opportunity to purchase a gift card that can be used across all your stores. The gift card balance is updated in real time and purchase history on the card is available in all stores.

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Electronic membersclub

Give your customers the same benefits in all your stores and get an overview of which customers buy the most. Set up discounts on different customer groups and differentials, which products should have a higher discount rate than others.

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Products and prices

All your variable product data needs to be maintained in one place only and, after customization or creation, will automatically be sent out to all your stores. This ensures that prices are always updated across all stores.

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Promotions & Discounts

Use Ajour's built-in reports to analyze sales and create targeted campaigns. Make effective decisions based on knowledge of sales, revenue and earnings.

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Price Variations

If your business chain extends to new markets, it may be necessary to have a differentiated pricing strategy on your products depending on location.

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Purchase Management

Most shops' shopping patterns will be different eg. based on where the business is located. With purchasing management you get a solid and transparent overview of this.

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Data is collected across all stores and you can analyze each store's sales, average sales per Expedition and number of expeditions etc.

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The set of buttons available on the screen can be set up to suit the individual store, or all buttons can be set up in the same way across the chain.

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Multi Stock Management

Keep track of stock in all stores. Send and receive stock transfers between stores in a quick and efficient way based on the stores minimum and reorder levels.

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Employee rights

Manage employee rights in the system in one place. Who should be able to manage, who is allowed to issue discounts and who can make a cash count.

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Economy integration

You can sit back completely while your bookkeeping is running by itself. The integration is completely automatic and ensures that sales, debtors and accounts are synchronized.

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Employee integration

You can easily find your salary percentage for the different days or periods. The integration is completely automatic and ensures that financial figures are synchronized between the systems.

Business Intelligence​

Through Ajour’s SQL and by using existing integrations for Business Intelligence systems, you can get statistics transferred automatically to a dashboard overview. The integration is completely automatic and ensures that sales data is synchronized between the systems.

Dashboard systems like Targit, Plecto and PowerBI.

Multi-system function

Ajour can handle several different types of industries in one and the same system, which can be easily managed from one place; quick service, fashion, retail, kiosk, restaurant, bar, butcher and many others.


In the management module, Ajour can be configured differently per location, enabling companies to use Ajour across several different industries.


If a location is set up for retail, then it is a full retail system with no disruptive elements from e.g. the restaurant system and vice versa.

Optimize waste and stock filling

With Ajour’s calculation and statistics tools, Ajour will be able to advise on storage and waste optimization, so that procurement and production run as optimally as possible.

Based on historical sales data, Ajour will make suggestions for optimal re-ordering or production volume, thus avoiding unnecessary waste and stock filling.

Giving one’s best for the environment is of course a cause in itself, but being able to do it while optimizing one’s business is a gift.


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Free support

We are proud to offer free day-to-day support, which can range from support for daily POS routines to guidance on how to make a blue button.

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When it is evening, weekend or public holiday, challenges can arise. With Ajour's hotline service consisting of a emergency phone, help can always be found if needed.

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Service agreements

If you want to make sure you never get into a situation where you are without functioning equipment, then Ajour's service agreement is right for you. Service agreements vary and are agreed as needed.

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Ajour uses only the best suppliers on equipment, where the standard warranty period varies from 1 year to 3 years. The warranty period can always be extended to e.g. 5 years if you wish.

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If you need us, just contact us by phone, e-mail or chat. Through telephone and chat, you get in contact with some Ajour people right away, where we have a goal to return the following weekday on all e-mails.

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Get started

The most important thing about a new POS is that you get well offshore. That is why a custom setup is always included for the customer with general user training and other necessary support.

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