With Ajour’s solution for hospitality, you achieve increased efficiency and automatic process management. This includes features such as; management of employees, handheld units, kitchen screens and takeaway function as well as reports as earnings per employee, turnover per guest and much more.


Restaurant, cafe, street-food, bar, disco, canteen and more.

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SEND / continue

Send beverage orders to the bar before the rest of the order is completed. In most cases, the beverages will be able to stand on the table before the rest of the order is completed.

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Inventory management

Complete inventory management, down to the last detail. Create part stocks and move items from main warehouse to bar. Create whole bottles of wine or sell parts via glass per. bottle.

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Kitchen print

Distribute your prints up to 7 prints. Or go all the way with intelligent kitchen screens with tons of features.

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How many glasses do you want for your wine? How should your steak be fried? Need extra cheese and no tomato in your burger?

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Download reports showing turnover per Guest split between your employees so you know who is pulling the highest revenue.

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Manage your POS solution directly from your computer without interrupting operation wherever you are. All you need is an internet connection.

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Achieve Takeaway handling from all channels together! Online, telephone and store all in one place, for optimal handling.

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Multi products

Combine parts of multiple products into one product and sell them with a single touch.

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Send invoices

Release the administration and have your employees send invoices directly to the customer from the POS.

Optimize your business with Ajour



Get the full overview of which tables are occupied or available with a graphical table plan. With the help of your 'run buttons', various color indicators in your table plan show an overview of how many tables are either on starters, entree, dessert or have asked for a bill.



Expedition and sales in one and the same window. The optimal solution if you have many fast expeditions you want to handle efficiently without too much pressure in the POS. Enable/disable in 10 seconds from normal expedition to fast expedition.



Get more loyal customers with your own membership club and bonus program. Whether a fixed discount is offered on all products, selected products or even a bonus per transaction we have the solution. Membership Club is part of Ajour and does not require the purchase of alternative programs. The solution also works across several locations.


One all-in-one

Compact and practical – an intelligent and compact cash register system. With Quad core processor and 4GB DDDR3 memory it is designed to run professional software.

Engage all-in-one

Fast and versatile - the perfect mix between stability and performance. With a 7th generation Intel Core processor, it is designed to run professional software.


Transform Apple's iPad into a full POS system with Ajour's point of sale application and related hardware.

Keep track of your data

With Ajour, you get the ability to collect real-time data that you can access anywhere. It gives you the benefit of being able to keep up with the progress of your business at all times without being physically present. Then you do not lose sight and can react quickly, even if you are at home with your family or a meeting abroad.

Table orders on handheld iPad Mini

Your POS system should be easy and simple to use, and have an intuitive user interface to quickly process orders. With Ajour you can efficiently send orders from the table via the iPad application, so that various orders can be initiated immediately and errors are reduced.

Optimize waste and stock filling

With Ajour’s calculation and statistics tools, Ajour will be able to advise on storage and waste optimization, so that procurement and production run as optimally as possible.

Based on historical sales data, Ajour will make suggestions for optimal re-ordering or production volume, thus avoiding unnecessary waste and stock filling.

Giving one’s best for the environment is of course a cause in itself, but being able to do it while optimizing one’s business is a gift.

Multi location

With Ajour’s multi location solution you get a unified solution where you can manage all your business through a single portal.


It does administrative tasks like; product creation, gift cards, menu changes, price adjustments, discounts and much more can be handled intelligently and centrally in an overall solution for your locations.

Selected integrations


Together with Plecto, we have made it possible to track your sales in real-time with great visual dashboards that show the most important KPIs for your business.


Together with E-conomic, we have automated processes between POS and financial system, so you can sit back while your bookkeeping runs by itself.


Together with Planday, we have made it possible to follow your salary percentage per month or per day so that critical decisions like staffing can easily be made.

Do you want to build your own solution?


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We are proud to offer free day-to-day support, which can range from support for daily POS routines to guidance on how to make a blue button.

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When it is evening, weekend or public holiday, challenges can arise. With Ajour's hotline service consisting of a emergency phone, help can always be found if needed.

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If you want to make sure you never get into a situation where you are without functioning equipment, then Ajour's service agreement is right for you. Service agreements vary and are agreed as needed.

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Ajour uses only the best suppliers on equipment, where the standard warranty period varies from 1 year to 3 years. The warranty period can always be extended to e.g. 5 years if you wish.

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If you need us, just contact us by phone, e-mail or chat. Through telephone and chat, you get in contact with some Ajour people right away, where we have a goal to return the following weekday on all e-mails.

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The most important thing about a new POS is that you get well offshore. That is why a custom setup is always included for the customer with general user training and other necessary support.

Some of our clients

Ajour have grown with the tasks

Jette Schultz - Owner, Smag & Slægt

Smag & Slægt

Ajour has grown with the tasks - We have now had Ajour for more than 10 years. They have really developed positively over the years. Today, they are one of our good suppliers on POS. I would like to highlight the great service they have with their 7 day hotline service. This means that as a customer you know that you can always get help no matter when things go down. Especially it is positive for us who are open every day every week.

Super good program with high security in daily operations

Anders Lodall-Staugaard - Director, Restaurant Bryghuset Møn

Restaurant Bryghuset Møn

Super good program with high security in daily operations - Ajour is the right solution for our restaurant - we feel very safe in everyday life - It's very easy for us to pass on our financial numbers to our bookkeeper.. At the same time, Ajour is a great tool for using multiple mobile devices at the same time. We use a lot of statistics from previous years as a tool in everyday life.

The best POS system i've worked with

Magnus Kofoed - Founder, Restaurant Kadeau

Restaurant Kadeau

The best POS system I have worked with - I have yet to meet any system that is better than Ajour. I co-own 6 restaurants, and have previously worked with other systems. The last 10 years have been with Ajour. Ajour is easy to work with, with great overview and excellent service is provided by their employees. There are a huge number of features in the system, also far more than we use, which is why I think they do well in different industries. A clear recommendation from here.

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